chamber We specialize in providing Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy in Honolulu,Hawaii and to patients throughout the Hawaiian islands and beyond.We are locally owned and operated.

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is an FDA, AMA approved non-invasive medical treatment used to deliver high concentrations of oxygen inside the body. Hyperbaric Oxygen is used to treat a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions including Decompression illness and Carbon Monoxide poisioning which are covered by insurance.
We successfully treat:

• Diabetic Non healing wounds
• Wounds that fail to heal due to poor circulation.
• Radiation damage to soft tissue and Bone including radiation proctitis
• Osteoradionecrosis due to radiation of neck and jaw.
• Stroke recovery patients
• Autistic patients and children on the ASD spectrum
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Cerebral Palsy
• Failing Skin Grafts
• Post Plastic Surgical procedures and general surgery to accelerate healing
• Burns
• Multiple Sclerosis
• RSD (Reflex Sympathetic disorder)
• Fibromyalgia
• Tinnitus
• many more.....
In a pressurized environment the 100% oxygen you breathe is dissolved in your blood, fluid and tissues much more effectively and is then transported beyond cellular level via plasma to tissues which need it most.This treatment is covered by most insurance companies for certain conditions.It is very safe and painless.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a systemic treatment in a pressurized chamber and not to be confused with topical or supplemental oxygen.
Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers are made hard steel,FDA approved for use with 100% oxygen.

What Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is Not!

There are soft inflatable bags that are advertised as Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy chambers that are only approved for use for altitude sickness and NOT approved in the USA for use with oxygen.These are sometimes advertised as soft hyperbaric chambers capable of treating conditions that regular Hyperbaric chambers can.
They cannot and are not therapeutically recognized .

About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The natural healing mechanisms that occur during Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy have been scientifically proven and therapeutically used for over 60 years.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is based on simple concepts. The air we breath has a small percentage of oxygen. Breathing 100% oxygen in a normal room increases that level of oxygen in the bloodstream by about 3% to 5%.

However, breathing 100% pure oxygen in an increased-pressure environment delivers twenty to thirty times that amount of oxygen to your body’s tissues. This is especially important in tissues affected by poor circulation such as brain tissues damaged by Stroke and Traumatic Brain injury.

Hyperbaric Oxygen stimulates the oxygen gradient in tissues and bone with poor blood supply and are deprived of enough oxygen to heal .

Non healing wounds benefit greatly in healing due to Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

In order to provide patients with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a pressurized environment is used. The patient relaxes in a hyperbaric chamber, which is then pressurized to therapeutic levels. Trained hyperbaric medical staff will determine the pressure and the length of treatment based upon carefully studied and recommended protocols.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers can be found in the best hospitals around the world. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used for all types of injuries or illnesses which have been shown to respond well to high levels of oxygen administration.